Where a Franciscan monastery is, there peace reigns.

Inside the estate there is the so-called Monastery and Church of San Francesco delle Fratte (XIIIth century) named after the wonderful oaks' wood surrounding it. According to the tradition, Saint Francis founded it at the beginning of 1200, when the Saint used to live in Piceno region (1209-1215 approx).

The monastery is a national monument and is subject to the Ministerial bond.

The monument is 400 ms from the manor and can be reached after a brief and charming walk through the wood, inside the fenced property.

In the XVIth century Frate Felice Peretti, Pope-Sixtus-the Fifth-to be, studied and was educated here. He was also appointed deacon here.

Architect Conte Sacconi, designer of Rome's Altare della Patria, who was born in Montalto Marche, put the Monastery in the register of Monumental Buildings.

The walls of the Church are painted in frescoes: the paintings date back to the XIII-XIVth century; they are of an extraordinarily rare beauty, made in the gothic-Marchigian style and portray religious scenes and San Francis.

Being hidden by centuries of plasters, only recently did the restoration start revealing these marvelous frescoes.
At present, the owners are carrying out a restoration intervention on the long-abandoned building.

San Francis
View of the Monastery
Fresco of the monastery
The well

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